Contract furniture


Prestigious, alluring contract furnishings

Our company’s flexibility allows us to be competitive in all the various stages of production.
Nuovo Stile Design designs and manufactures contract furniture for hotels, restaurants, spas, shops and clubs.

We offer high Italian fashion creations suited to any needs.








Spa e wellness





A perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions.


Special services

Our company doesn't just create environments, we also offer tailor-made services:

  • cleaning and restoring carpets

  • cleaning and restoring upholstery

  • cushions for indoor and outdoor use

  •  certified anti-dust mite upholstery


Travel the world and rediscover the charm of unique furnishings


Allergy Free Hotels

Allergy Free Hotels® is a natural and eco-friendly system comprising a series of actions designed to eliminate microorganisms and allergens (pollen, dust mites, mould, biological and chemical pollution) that could potentially be in the air, the bed system, fabrics and all other surfaces in the room.

Norberto Botto

norberto-bottoNorberto Botto is an Italian designer. Born into a family of antique dealers, he trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara (Tuscany), graduating with top marks in scenography and costume design for theatre, with a thesis in art history.
He brings his eclectic personality to all areas of design and exterior design, in both classic and modern versions. He has designed many different types of building, together with top engineering professionals. Some of his most important works include the enormous projects covering millions of square meters in Baia Blu d'Oriente Zhoushan and Baia Blu d'Oriente Ningbo, with a range of different styles of buildings and homes. Norberto Botto's taste in interior design and his exceptional attention to detail make his work refined and sought-after both for residential settings, theatre and film sets, where he also takes care of costumes and direction. Norberto Botto also produces a series of furniture and objects, mostly inspired by ancient times, designed to blend into our own era. Lastly, as a painter, Norberto Botto creates paintings of great emotional impact.

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